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Service for fast and accurate calculation of radio communication network coverage
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Design networks online
Cloud Radio Planning is a web-based radio network planning and coverage calculation platform. The web-based platform has an intuitive interface and a comprehensive set of tools to calculate coverage for both a single transmitter and a regional radio network.

Cloud Radio Planning is accurate, fast and easy to use.
Analyze the features of the topography
User-friendly tools are available to build topography profiles.
Get results fast
Calculations are performed on powerful server hardware using GPUs and algorithms certified by the International Telecommunication Union.
Work in a single information space
Collaborative mode with access level control is available for teams of 10 or more. Integration into your familiar systems and tools via APIs is possible.
Communication standards
Areas of application
Enrich the educational program by demonstrating the principles of modern radio communication networks and the effects of different types of equipment on the propagation of electromagnetic waves
System technology projects
Design networks without the expense and expense of expensive expert teams. Optimize capital and operating costs for radio networks of any complexity.
Regional radio planning
Optimize networks and business processes, save 10 million rubles a year on operating costs.
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